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IAFF LODD – Funeral Coverage for Matt Durham Local L2950, Woodinville, Washington

Before dying of cancer at just 45 a week and a half ago, Matt Durham helped plan his own formal line-of-duty memorial service, according to one of his fellow Woodinville Fire and Rescue firefighters speaking at that service today. “I want to do it for the boys,” Battalion Chief Greg Ahearn quoted Matt as saying – so that his young sons would see the support and the love showed by their father’s firefighter family, as well as that of their own relatives and friends.

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Why Wear it? Just Take it Off!

On the flip side of the coin is how in the world can firefighters fight for presumptive cancer benefits when we have video showing actions such as these.It would be hard to argue your case for presumptive laws if the other side of the aisle is streaming video like this.

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