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Video: Philadelphia Firefighters Battle Two 5 Alarm Fires in Two Days

Can Philadelphia afford to continue cutbacks in the fire department? Yeah, Philly doesn't need firefighters. Hell, the City might as well continue to cut positions, brownout, and close stations. I don't see any need in them....then again, check out these two 5 alarm fires within 24 hours of each other and ask yourself that question again. There were around 150 firefighters on scene of each of these fires... I doubt even this could open some of the council member's eyes!

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Back to Back 5 Alarm Fires…Baltimore Gets Their Moneys Worth From Baltimore Firefighters

Not one, but two 5 alarm fires have occurred in Baltimore in two days. Yesterday, Dave Statter was all over the news of the 5 Alarm Fire on The Block (red-light district). Check out the numerous videos Dave posted yesterday here. This morning, Baltimore's firefighters were on the scene of another 5 alarm fire in the Mount Vernon area. Many of the firefighters on scene had battled the other 5 alarm fire earlier in their shift. Read more about it here.

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