Hear Me Speak

Rhett Fleitz (FireCritic.com) and Willie Wines Jr. (IronFiremen.com) are available to speak on several topics both throughout the USA and abroad. If you are interested in learning more about hosting us in your area please email Rhett at FireCritic@FireCritic.com or contact him by phone at 540-537-8158.

We have spoke across the United States at banquets, training events, conferences, colleges, and conventions.

If your event requires proposals, please let us know and we will submit one!

Here are our topics:

Motivating Firefighters, Improving Morale, and Professional Wellness

Rhett teams up with Captain Willie Wines Jr. to offer topics including motivating firefighters, improving morale, and professional wellness in the fire service. Our talks are a shot in the arm for firefighters on up to Fire Chief. We have even had council members and local leaders sit in our presentation.

We can facilitate:

  • Full day presentations
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Panel discussions
  • Keynote speeches
  • Conference and Symposium classes
  • Year end/Holiday Banquets

Our presentations are used to unite departments, remind them of what is great about the fire service, enhance camaraderie, wake people up about the harm of mediocrity, and ensure that the departments are moving forward.

Contact us today to get us at your next event!

Social Media in the Fire Service

Read more about past classes here

Rhett has presented/taught at FDIC, Kean University, and the Kenton County (KY) Chiefs Symposium on social media in the fire service among other locations. He now teams up with Willie Wines Jr. to deliver the message. Whether you are looking for best practices, what to do, what not to do, where to begin, or where to focus your attention, We can cater the presentation to your needs. We have been involved in social media for several years and use it to share information to a large network of firefighters across the World.

To get more information on motivational speaking or social media use contact us today!