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The Fire Critic is one of the most popular Fire Blogs online today… 95,000 Fans on Facebook alone (as of 1/14)! The blog has been online since 2009 and the author, Rhett Fleitz, has been blogging since 2005 about the fire service. Our site is a leading source of news, information, videos, and other fire service information. There are several ways of advertising on Our traffic and reach continue to grow every day. Contact me today at or by phone 540-537-8158 to talk about advertising today. Pricing is below.

The Fire Critic Rhett Fleitz & Iron Firemen Willie Wines Jr.

This isn’t simple, boring, and ordinary advertising…

The entire webteam at has found a way to market companies and products that it is unobtrusive to our readers, friends, and fans. Through advertising banners on the site, shares on Facebook, and mentions on Twitter we are able to get your company in front of our readers and publicize your products. We can even talk on the phone, without a bunch of fluff and BS, and decide what will be best for you and your company. Moreover, I rarely go anywhere without Captain Willie Wines Jr. ( We have a unique way of standing out in crowds. We say what we think and mean what we say.

Sure, you can continue to spend $$$$ on advertising with the large mainstream media sites if you want. What we have to offer is different. Very different. We have loyalty. 

And no, we don’t let just anyone advertise with us. We have to like and believe in your products.

Our followers and network of friends rely on us to shoot them straight. So if you think that your company and/or products belongs on the pages of or please give us a call 540-537-8158 or email us at

Below are just some of the  advertising opportunities:

Product Reviews

Be featured on,, and as well as their respective social media outlets by simply sending us your products for a product review. As an added bonus, we have a network of bloggers standing ready to review your products on even more fire service blogs. Contact us today and get involved.

Company/Product Snapshot

Have your company or product featured in an article written by your team or ours. The article will be all about you and shared on View examples of Company Snapshots here. View examples of Product Snapshots here. Contact us today to find out how to get your company featured!

Email Blasts

Let us put our email list to work for you. We can email blast deals on your products and/or company. Our email list is comprised of firefighters all over the U.S. and beyond.


Let us put our Facebook Fan Page popularity to work for you. We currently have over 123k+ fans on Facebook.


We haven’t used Twitter for advertising yet, but I am sure there is a way of putting our 9600+ followers @FireCritic to work for you.

Promoting in Person

Put us to Work in Your Booth: That’s right! We are for hire. Let us use our “celebrity” to share your products. We guarantee an influx of visitors to your booth due to our popularity and letting people know where to find us. We can get you traffic and market/sell your product at Conferences/Conventions.

Traffic and Ranking for (January 2014)

advertising 2014Banner Ads

Click the image to the right to see ad placement


Size: 728×90
Position: Top of all pages on site
Pricing: CPM based ad; Contact us for pricing

Sidebar (top position)

Size: 300×250
Position: Absolute top of right hand sidebar
Pricing: CPM based ad; Contact us for pricing

Sidebar 300 x 250 Banner
(static = shows on every impression)

Position: Top of right hand sidebar.

12 month campaign – $7,000 ($583/mo)
6 month campaign – $3,900($650/mo)
3 month campaign – $2,100 ($700/mo)
1 month campaign – $790

Sidebar 300 x 100 Banner
(static = seen on every impression)

Position: Top of right hand sidebar under other ads. First come, first serve basis.

12 month campaign – $3,999 ($333/mo)
6 month campaign – $2,190 ($365/mo)
3 month campaign – $1,200 ($400/mo)
1 month campaign – $490

Sidebar 300 x 250 Banner
(rotating = rotates with other banners)

Position: below static banners

12 month campaign – $3,195 ($266/mo)
6 month campaign – $1,795 ($299/mo)
3 month campaign – $995 ($331/mo)
1 month campaign – $395

Article Banner

Size: 500×150 (500 is the max width, taller sizes available)
Position: Located at the bottom of articles.

12 month campaign – $3,195 ($266/mo)
6 month campaign – $1,795 ($299/mo)
3 month campaign – $995 ($331/mo)
1 month campaign – $395

Contact Rhett Fleitz about pricing today! 540-537-8158 or