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Rosenberg PD – Ever wonder what goes on inside of a patrol car…? Here is the inside scoop

Video by: Rosenberg Police. Video info: Ever wonder what goes on inside of a patrol car…? Here is the inside scoop… See…we really are no different then anyone else.

In one hour, the video posted on FB had 4600+ shares (embedded post is below)

Today I stumbled upon the video above on Facebook of the Rosenberg, TX Police Department having a little fun. I watched the video (above) and was intrigued enough to check out their FB page. I like what they are doing. They have all kinds of information on their page to encourage interaction, provide info to the public, explain what they do and who they are, and ultimately build relationships within their community.

This, my friends, is a perfect example of doing social media correctly…Some of you might think that some of their stuff is a little too “fun”, but I assure you that from my seat it looks like a perfect balance of serious and light-hearted humor meant to engage their community.

Check out their FB page here: Rosenberg Police Department

rosenberg police department

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