Updated Info: Video: The FDNY Apparatus Graveyard. I’d Love To Get My Hands on One of These!

Updated: Apparently this “graveyard” is not that at all. According to a source close to the FDNY, the lot is states: 

“Only a hand full are there to be disposed of. The rest are awaiting repair or are recently out of services due to new arrival of new rigs put into service. These will become spares.”

Video by: THEMAJESTIRIUM1. Video info: Here you will see a lot I came across where all the retired, crashed or mechanically disabled FDNY fire trucks go to be classified for further use, auction, or scrapping. It made me very, very sad to see them in that place and in those conditions after they served it’s firefighters, New York City and civilians so well for so many years. ;( In loving memory of my little angel Honey “Bunny” Lafitte. Rest in Peace!

Hat tip: FirefightersWorldwide.com

fdny graveyard video on fire critic