International Firefighters Day – May 4th

Today, May 4th, is International Firefighters Day. It has been that way since 1999 apparently. I am just getting the memo today. It is also the day we celebrate St. Florian.

The event began in Australia after 4 firefighters died in a wildfire.

However, the day was the traditional Firefighters day in many European Countries for a long time. That day was picked because it is the Day of St. Florian, the Patron Saint of Firefighters.

Who knew? Many of my friends on Facebook were aware of it. As for me, I must have had my head in the sand!

From Wikipedia (about the 4 LODD’s in Australia):

On December 2, 1998, a tragic event shook the Linton Community, Australia and the world. Firefighters in Linton, Australia- a populated region in Victoria- were fighting a large wild fire and called for mutual aid. This urgent mutual aid call brought the Geelong West Fire Brigade to the scene not knowing the despair and tragedy that was in store. Garry Vredeveldt, Chris Evans, Stuart Davidson, Jason Thomas, and Matthew Armstrong all loaded into company’s truck. They were part of a strike team and were being sent to help extinguish the flames. As the five headed into the hot zone, the wind suddenly switched direction, engulfing the truck in flames and killing all five members. This unfortunate incident is what inspired JJ Edmondson to bring about an international holiday, called International Fire Fighters Day, to support the lives lost and dedicated fire fighters who risk their lives every day to save life and property.


Here are some other translations for “Firefighter”:

Romanian: vânătoare de foc, Finnish: Palomies, Chinese: 消防员, Bulgarian: пожар изтребител, Croatian: vatra borac, Czeck:  oheň bojovník, Danish: brandmand, French: utte contre l’incendie, Dutch: brandweerman, German: Feuerwehrmann, Greek: φωτιά μαχητικά, Korean: 소방수, Japanese: 火災ファイター, Norwegian: brannmann, Polish: Firefighter, Swedish: Firefighter, Spanish: Bombero, Russian: пожарник, Portuguese: bombeiro, Australia: Firies.