Apparently it was More Than Willie Could Bear

Poor Willie…I’m afraid the strain was more than he could bear.

Willie Wines Jr. ( has been writing about a local fire department. Read the articles herehere, here, and here. Willie’s unique humor on a very serious topic has uncovered some interesting and debatable topics.

The issues aren’t unique to our area and Willie speaks of them in generalized terms that have reached far and wide.

But the fact remains that we have a local Chief bucking the hiring of a County-wide Fire/EMS Director. The unfortunate part is the Chief’s choice of words in news articles. He made the department (not our department) look like a bunch of idiots. I am sure not all of them are the caliber of the Chief…but then again they wouldn’t except his resignation when he tried to resign either.

Read Willie’s articles for the big picture.

After writing each article, Willie went deeper and deeper into hiding. He is scared that the Chief is going to kick his ass.

Apparently the stress was more than he could bear.

Word is that the Buckaroo is on a 24 hour watch…sitting in a rocking chair on his front porch with a red tipped pistol, his knife (with zip securing it), some bug juice, and a tonka truck. Rest assured that the Buckaroo has things under control.

Willie, on the other hand, has me working for him today. Luckily for me, the last word on where Willie was holed up was in my bunkroom at firehouse #3…which is unfortunate for Lt. Bradford who is on duty tonight. Don’t worry, he sleeps sound and won’t know what got him.

As for me, I am sleeping in Willie’s bed tonight. We have had a decent day today. Ole Big Head Todd (Harris) is wheeling and Max Meadows Armbruiser is riding backwards.

Chief Adkins stopped by and we caught up. Todd and Chief had some good stories about “back in the day” which were well worth the listen.

Randy (Arm Bruiser) has been haggling with everyone today. Apparently he is supposed to move into his apartment in the morning and everything has gone to hell. His furniture was last seen at a flea market in Kentucky and he can’t get Dish network to install anything.

I am no stranger to #13. I have put in about 6 years out here on the Peters Creek Express. Actually, I was there when they put the new Engine 13 in service.

If anyone <cough…cough> needs directions to Willie’s house just let me know. Working double shifts is killing me.

Say When…Lunger.

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