Another Set of Train Horns…The Fire Critic Gets Schooled

You might remember I ran a post recently on the Granville VFD in West Virginia and their installation of train horns on their engine and ladder.

Since then I have been schooled on something I knew nothing about!

First things first…they aren’t actual train horns. They are more likely a horn similar to the ones that Wolo (I should get paid for that link) makes. That little tidbit came from a friend on facebook. Apparently actual train horns are different.

The other thing I learned was that these have been installed on apparatus at least back to the 70’s. Check the comments on the previous train horn post about other departments who have used them…including FDNY’s Rescue 3 back in the early 70’s.

As always, thanks for the lesson!

Here is another short video of train horn usage… Shrewsbury Rescue 61 (hat tip Ande Ebling)