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1 Rookie Firefighter 8 Pranks

These guys are good. They have either been following along on the Fire Critic or spent some time searching youtube for firefighter pranks. Be proud guys…great pranks!

These Auburndale firefighters get the same rookie with some of the best pranks…most of which have to do with water. The jet dump lever one is the best!

Check out more pranks on The Fire Critic Here

Be sure to send your videos in to the Fire Critic as well!


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  • Anonymous

    “What you’re doin’ here, is bypassing the spark plug”…


  • Natalie Casetti

    They pulled two of those on me back then… realized only after the second, why I was the only one who had to wear a white T-Shirt… Yeap, wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box back then…