Amazing Video: Burning Vehicles Explode in Italy and Belgium

I have no clue as to how many vehicle fires I have run in my career. Not that it is a shit ton more than other firefighters, but my point is more that I have never seen a vehicle explode like either of the ones below. Maybe more common would be a tire exploding on a well involved car fire, but nothing like this.

What about you all? Have you ever experienced anything like this?

Check out this video of a Chrysler Voyager exploding in Naples, Italy. The vehicle is on fire as the video rolls and as you hear the Fire Apparatus getting closer, the vehicle explodes. Luckily, the firefighters are not putting out the fire as this happens. The Liveleak video explanation simply says that no one died.

Then there is this vehicle fire in Brussels, Belgium that explodes prior to the Fire Department arriving.

Here is some bonus footage of a car fire that might be more typical in the States….minus forgetting your helmet. Hat tip to ELAFF for this one.

Then again…Maybe these LA Firefighters are glad their vehicle didn’t explode like above. Note the use of SCBA (or lack their of).