Train Horns on Fire Apparatus? Good Idea or not, You be the Judge!

The firefighters at Granville VFD in West Virginia feel as though they need a little something extra to warn others while responding to calls. That something extra is train horns.

I have not heard of this being done before, but you just never know. This video is from 2009. Yes, I realize that was a little bit ago, but I just came across it (hat tip: carolinas fire page). You can visit the Granville VFD here.

I have posted some fires from Granville here and here in the past.

The video below shows them installing train horns on their engine and ladder… and responding with the horns blowing.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or a bad idea.

All I can think of is the citizens who complain about firehouse sirens. Every once in a while I read about another community complaining about firehouse sirens. There are not too many left across America as pagers can alert firefighters for calls now. The sound was the issue.

How long will it take for people to start complaining about the train horns.

As for me, I think that they might be a little over the top. The air horns on the apparatus I drive seem to be enough to warn MOST people. The ones who can’t hear it because of loud music or whatever I just have to deal with and pay attention to.

Be sure to read the comments on this video too…one guy is talking about putting them on his POV…enough said!