Another Custom Firehouse Kitchen Table. Share Yours With The Fire Critic

You might remember I posted about firehouse kitchen tables here. And no, my crew still has not decided on a design for ours. However, we are getting close! We are running out of stuff to customize and build in my firehouse.

Check out this one from Marion County Fire Rescue in Florida. Hell, I just drove through there the other day on the way back from Disney World! I should have stopped by!

Submitted by Lt. James G. Hensley

Attached are a couple of photos of our new dining table.  It was designed and constructed by one of our firefighters here at our station, FF Charles Osvold.  This table is located at Marion County Fire Rescue Station #21 “The Sleepless Knights”, the busiest house in Marion County, Florida.  We are listed in Firehouse magazine as one of the nation’s top 100 busiest stations.  The table measures twelve feet long by four feet wide.  The bases are constructed of two real fire hydrants.  We would be very proud to include our photo in your list of tables.  This table is a symbol of our station pride.  If there is one thing we attempt to achieve each shift, it is to have dinner together.  With our call load this is often difficult.  Our station has a crew of four on Engine 21, two on Rescue 21, and two on Rescue 521.  Total crew size is eight.  Thank you again for considering our photo for your site.