Monday Morning Shoutout – Hydrantgirl and her Firefighter

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to Hydrantgirl and her Firefighter ( The blog began in February of 2009 when the author (Hydrantgirl) was trying to become a firefighter and was engaged to a firefighter. Since then a lot has changed. She is now a trained firefighter and paramedic who is still looking for the right job, and her firefighting fiance is now her husband.

She falls under the category of firefighter blogger, EMS blogger, and firefighter wife blogger!

She enjoys blogging because it is a great outlet for everything she goes through and she loves hearing stories about how she has motivated people!

What else would you like to share: (in her words) Never would I have imagined that following my husband’s footsteps in becoming a firefighter would change my life as much as it has, and fulfill it at the same time. Excitement, nerves, doubt and determination are all part of a normal day for me.

I have followed her blog for some time now. I enjoy her writing and stories.

She is running a contest (one thing I need to get off my butt and do again soon). The winner gets some art from The link is here with all the rules. As for the blog, check it out and follow it often!