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Monday Morning Shoutout –

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to

You might not believe how much work goes into a State Fire News web site. There is a small breed of us who have created web sites for our State’s fire news. We have to rely on submitted content to make it work. Some have made a success of it, others have closed up shop. Still there are a couple who are trying to break through and make it work.

One of those sites is, Fire Service News for Tennessee. Another is Both are independently run and join the likes of,,,, and others. Several are regional sites instead of State sites and are just as popular like and I am sure I am missing a few great ones.

Andrew Catron is refocusing on If you are in Tennessee, help him showcase your fire department by submitting news, events, photos, articles, and whatever else!

Keep up the great work Andrew!

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