Detroit Stays Busy, The Voice of Reason, EMS Week, Paul Combs, and Budget Cuts

Firefighter Netcast is live tonight introducing “The Voice of Reason”. The new show is hosted by Art Goodrich and produced by the crew at Firefighter Netcast. Tune in and see what all the hoopla is about! (link)

Firefighter Netcast has continued to rock the Fire Service world by offering live netcasts and podcasts that matter. The revolution and move to online audio is real and they do it better than many of the industry leaders! So what if my view is a little biased, I am merely pointing out what many are saying!

Another great audio show of note is coming back! Burnin it Down, produced by Chris David over at The Bravest Online has stated that he will be bringing the show back online. We do not have a secure date yet though.

The Fire PIO has an excellent video. In my own words, it explains why if you don’t think Social Media matters you should get your head out of your ass! (link)

If you haven’t seen it yet, you are missing it… Dave Statter has excellent footage of two houses off in Detroit. The total was 7 houses in an hour set by 5 teenagers who confessed. The two videos in this post offer proof of great firefighters up in Detroit! (link)

Chief Billy Goldfeder has a very unfortunate story of how idiotic some people can be when it comes to funding. Apparently libraries are more important than the public’s safety….This is definitely a FAIL for Westport! (link)

Life Under the Lights has an excellent series of posts for EMS Week. (link)

Unfortunately, I missed any and all coverage of the live meetups last night for EMS Week. When I say I missed it, I was not able to go and I also thought it was tonight. If you made it, send some pics and I will run them. Links are also welcome!

If you have not seen Paul Comb’s blog over at you should! Paul is amazing with his illustrations. In truth, he writes an entire story with one still illustration. The points he makes are worthwhile and stimulate conversation! Check out his blog here.