Firefighter Netcast… Have you heard this? Great Training for the firehouse!

If you have not seen it yet, Firefighter Netcast is the home of live radio and podcasts on the internet. We were at FDIC and recorded many great topics with great guests.

The guests include Chris Naum, Billy Goldfeder, Ray Gayk, Tim Sendelbach, Mike Kirby, Scott Shaw, Fred Simon, Tiger Schmittendorf, and Tom Merrill.

The hosts of Firefighter Netcast are John Mitchell of Fire Daily and myself.

Rhett Fleitz, Ray Gayk, Billy Goldfeder, and John Mitchell

Rhett Fleitz, Deputy Chief Ray Gayk, Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder, and John Mitchell

The training value of some of our podcasts from FDIC are great. Much more is great for conversation.

Take some time to check out our podcasts and listen to our live netcasts in the future!

Here are the links:

Challenges on the Modern Fireground with Tim Sendelbach (Editor in Chief of Fire Rescue Mag), Captain Mike Kirby, and Firefighter Scott Shaw. Mike and Scott work for Cincinnati FD.

Changes in Building Construction and Fire Behavior with Christopher Naum ( and

From Blue Shirt to Bugle – The Most Difficult Transition in Your Career with Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder and Deputy Chief Ray Gayk

Distribution of Photos and Videos Taken by Firefighters at Work with Lawyer/Firefighter Fred Simon (

More coming too! We still have to finalize editing on our discussion with Ron Siarnicki and Cathy Hedrick with NFFF/EGH, discussion with Justin Schorr and Chris Kaiser, and discussion with Tiger Schmittendorf and Tom Merrill.

Once we are completed we will add the links here!