Raising Ladders Video

Alex Capece of Raising Ladders has been blogging since becoming a firefighter/paramedic for DCFD (Sept. 2008). He flaunts his ability behind a camera every chance he gets. His story is actually quite interesting as well.

His photography isn’t the only great part of his blog though. He writes with passion and he does it very well.

He has now added a new notch in the blogging bedpost….video. He recently uploaded a video to the Nikon Festival “A Day Through Your Lens” competition. The video is awesome! Alex works at Engine 26 and captures some great video including some helmet camera footage!

I am not exactly sure how the contest works, but it appears to me that his video has been chosen as one of the top 50 contenders. Now I believe it is up to the judges.

Oh yeah…and I am one who always tries to give credit where it is due so I must admit that Captain Wines of the Engine 9 Blog gave me the heads up on this one!