Advertising, Product Reviews, Merchandise, and the Disclaimer

I have been busy here at the Fire Critic headquarters (FCHQ) getting some loose ends taken care of. If you haven’t noticed I have an awkward schedule of posting. It used to be more frequent and regimented, it isn’t so much like that anymore.

The reason for that is because I have been spending a lot of time getting redesigned. I have obligations on that site and advertisers to keep happy! It is the “bread and butter” operation of my life on the Internet.

Therefore, Fire Critic and some other projects I have created take the back burner. Fire Critic not been neglected all that much though. I have belted out some decent posts here recently.

However, I just put the finishing touches on 3 new “pages” here at the Fire Critic.The pages may be viewed on the navigation bar just below the Fire Critic Banner.

  1. Product Reviews this is something I have wanted to get involved in for a long time. I am finally set up for it. I will probably be sending out some emails to companies suggesting a review. However, if you have a product you would like reviewed just take a look at the product review policy. Likewise, if you are a firefighter/EMT who would like to see me review a certain product just let me know. I will contact the company and keep you informed on the process. link here
  2. Merchandise I have added a link on the “Fire Critic Gear” page to our online shop for Fire Critic merchandise. Be sure to get your order in before Christmas! link here
  3. Disclaimer I added a disclaimer for the Fire Critic. Please review it so you know what is going on! link here

Advertising – One other thing I am working on is advertising on There are two main ways of advertising on the Fire Critic.

  1. The leaderboard position at the very top of the blog, the 300×250 at the very top of the sidebar, and potentially a skyscraper ad on the sidebar are handled by a third party advertising agency. Please let me know if you would like to advertise there and I will put you in touch with the proper persons. This is click through advertising.
  2. Direct advertising on the site. I will be placing a 300×250 advertising spot directly below the “Hook up with the Fire Critic” on the sidebar. Look for it soon..let me know if you are interested at

We are coming full circle now!!!

Just wait until the radio show/podcast!!!