Monthly Archives: December 2009

Fire/EMS Blog of the Year 2009 #FCBLOG09


Welcome to the ultimate in fire/EMS blog contests. Who will end up with the bragging rights of being the best Fire and/or EMS Blog of the Year 2009?There is one thing for sure...there are some GREAT fire and EMS blogs! This contest will certainly show who the favorites are!

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Blog Tip – Monetizing your Fire/EMS Blog Part II


There are many ways of making money on your blog. I have detailed several below. You should note that there are plenty of other sources of making money on your blog other than listed here. These are the ones that I have found to be worth the time. Feel free to let me know in the comments of ways you make money and share with everyone!

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Merry Christmas From the Fire Critic


The Fire Critic had to work tonight, Christmas Eve. It isn't a big deal, I don't have the seniority to get this cycle off. That is the life we lead. Luckily I have Christmas Day off. Actually, I get to enjoy a four day break starting Christmas Day. I will be spending the day at home with my family. I cannot make it to Nashville to spend Christmas with my extended family, but we will make it to Richmond on Saturday/Sunday with my wives family.

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Raising Ladders Video


He has now added a new notch in the blogging He recently uploaded a video to the Nikon Festival “A Day Through Your Lens” competition. The video is awesome! Alex works at Engine 26 and captures some great video including some helmet camera footage!

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These Boots Were Made For Weather


Remember those boots I did a product review on...they are still doing great. They have completely replaced my warrington pro (firefighting boots) zip ups that I previously wore around the station and on calls not requiring turnout pants/boots. They have been very comfortable working through the recent snow we had (about 18").

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