Fire Fight the Smears

The Boston Local has been fighting the smears for a while now. They have created a website ( recently to provide more information to the public. The site is very informative and its sole purpose is to fight false information and allegations from their Mayor.

This is my take on the site…I think that the Boston Local has created a great product. The product being the web site, and the most beneficial part of it being the “Who We Are” section. Sure, the “Fact Vs. Fiction” part is great but the “Who We Are” section really makes the site unique.

Why you might ask? Because it provides a face for the public to view.

Lets be honest, all the public cares about is that we answer THEIR call for help. They don’t care if we answer Ms. Parker’s 911 call down the street. They don’t care about who we are, what we do, or who we go home to in the morning.

Who We Are” could change all of that.

Back in the day, firefighters were pictured in the paper all of the time with news of what we were doing. We were special to the public and the newspaper knew it. Now the paper loves to print when we screw up. If they won’t do it for us then we must do it ourselves. Put our firefighter, our pictures, our stories, our plights on the computer of our citizens. Use twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr, and wordpress just like Boston’s Local has!

The Boston Local is on to something….I promise you that! What I recommend is your Local/Department/Crew doing the same thing. Oh, and one other thing…there should be a backlog of every Boston Firefighter waiting for their mug and info to show up on!!!!

Great job guys!