Trauma Show on NBC…Thumbs up or Thumbs down

I just finished watching Trauma on NBC. I enjoyed the interactive chat session/podcast with Jamie Davis, Greg Friese, and others. During the evening we were joined by Aimee Garcia who plays Marisa the helicopter pilot.

I have to admit I missed some of the show. Between typing in the chatroom, twittering, updating the blog, firefox crashing 7 times, IE crashing twice, moving from pc to desktop it was a full assault on my brain.

The chat was fun though. We discussed all kinds of things related to what was going on during the show. We also hit on @paramedicdan a little.

The chatting did come up with some new nicknames…Rabbit is now Captain VERSED and Marisa is now MRSA.

I am sure there will be more.

Great job guys. I enjoyed chatting.

Now here is the question…anyone want to entertain a podcast or something else for the new show First In? I blogged about First In previously (read here). The show will premier September 30th at 10pm.

Let me know if anyone is interested. We might just do some other social network interaction. I am game for anything, although I am working that night.