NBC’s Trauma Premiers Monday Night

Tomorrow night, NBC’s Trauma premiers. There is a chance I will be involved on a podcast of sorts about the new show. I have not worked out all the logistical stuff and realize I am way out of my league with guys like Jamie Davis (Mediccast.com), Greg Friese (EMS EduCast), and Chris Montera (EMS Garage). There will be live tweeting during the show. Look for #traumashow.

Yeah, I know. What the hell am I doing with these guys. Better yet, what the hell are they doing with me. Well apparently, these guys put it together and somewhere along the line my name was brought up. Probably because I like to talk. Either way, we all know those paramedical types need a little grounding every once in while right. I’m kidding!

If you want a kill joy, you can read the less then appealing review of “Trauma” by A.J. Heightman is Editor-in-Chief of JEMS you can read it here. It is a very detailed…ok it is the entire show in text pretty much. I must say that I am looking forward to the opening scene. Not that we don’t see enough sex on Rescue Me.

The premiere of Trauma doesn’t begin with a well-dressed crew checking their drugs and equipment before their first run. It starts with the sights and sounds of the boyfriend/girlfriend crew having sex in the patient compartment of their rig.

Then, before you can get the words “I can’t believe it” out of your lips, you hear the dispatcher (who obviously knows the way the crew starts their shift), tell “Naughty Nancy” Carnahan to button her blouse and respond to an emergency call.

The Fire Critic says: What the hell? I thought all medics started out the shifted by getting screwed…right when the Captain says…your on the box!

As for sex in the firehouse…this is more realistic of what it looks like. With all the glory at the end. Get the F@!# out of my F#@#$ing Gear! WARNING: Male Buttocks nude…maybe NSFW.