Who are the BEST Firefighters?

Exactly who are the best firefighters? How can we tell exactly. I think that many of us have firefighters of all ranks we look up to in the Fire Service either locally or Nationally.

Who do you think are the best? The names below are just examples.

Best Chief…someone like Billy Goldfeder of Loveland Symmes Ohio, or John Mittendorf LA City, maybe Charles Warner in Charlottesville Virginia, or Dennis Rubin in DC, how about Tom Shannon (seems to be well liked), maybe Alan Brunacini, Brannigan, or John Salka.

Certainly some of the names above might fit the Best Fire Service Speaker with the names of say Bobby Halton, or Ray McCormack, maybe Dugan, or Gordon Graham.

Then there are the best Fire Service Instructors like Eddie Buchanan, Frank Ricci, Tim Sendelbach, Andy Fredericks, the guys from VentEnterSearch.com, or Ron Moore. Of course there are so many disciplines of training so I am sure there are so many great instructors.

Some of the names above might be the best authors with names like Brannigan, John Norman, or Ray Downey Sr., Mittendorf, or Salka.

Or just firefighters who have very recognizable names for one reason or another like Kevin Shea, Ray Downey, or these guys most recently.

What about the Best Tech Savy Firefighters like Iannone and Hebert, or Charles Warner.

Or the best News type firefighters like Schumm and Ward, or Statter (firefighter back in the day).

Or the best philanthropic firefighters like the ones behind the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.

What other areas can you think of? What names come to mind for you? I am sure I left great names out. These were just ones that came to mind at the time of posting this.

Leave a comment who you think the best is and in what category. Feel free to give as many as you want!