Blog Tip – Why Fire/EMS Bloggers Should Sign up for Twitter

In today’s blog tip, I would like to explain why Fire/EMS Bloggers should at least sign up for Twitter.

First of all, you can read other posts where I discuss twitter or tag twitter here.

So here it goes…

  • You should sign up for twitter so that someone else doesn’t sign up using your namesake.
  • You will be amazed at what traffic you receive by using twitter as an RSS syndication platform. That basically means using twitter to automatically post your post title and url (link to your post) on twitter for others to click on.
  • All you have to do to make this happen is use a client (free) like twitterfeed. Sign up and fill out the necessary information on your blog (including your twitter account and your RSS feed).
  • Then you can check out this list of 100+ awesome Fire/EMS Twitter users and add some of them to your twitter friends.
  • After that, you can sit back and watch traffic come from Twitter.
  • Your posts will be automatically be added to Twitter via Twitterfeed and you don’t have to do anything.
  • If others like your post, they might reply to it.
  • If they reply to it (@reply) your joint friends will see the tweet and may reply and/or click on it too. Replies explained here.
  • If they RT then their followers will see it and they might not be followers of yours. It is a pyramid!
  • One other useful tip is to join wefollow. This client (free) will enable your Twitter account to show up on lists related to your topics.
  • On wefollow, pick certain keywords like #Firefighter, #Firefighting, #Fire, #Paramedic, #EMS, #EMT or whatever your fancy.

If you have questions on this please let me know. I love helping out fellow fire/ems bloggers!