Blogfest 25 – Firehouse Zen and “Tribes”

Igot this link via Firegeezer. However, I am usually a regular reader of Firehouse Zen.

You must read the latest post about his take on why we wear what we wear in public.  How we are sending a message when we wear FD shirts. More importantly what message we are sending. We won’t hold the whole Notre Dame thing against him…jk.

Excerpt below:

When you are wearing your colors, your fire department colors, are you saying something good about your organization?  Are you trying to tell others that you are proud to be associated with that group? Or worse, are you ashamed to be wearing anything identifying you as part of your organization because of what they are and what they stand for?  if so, perhaps you should consider associating yourself with a different team.  I think if you wear the colors, but constantly bad-mouth the organization, then you probably should look really hard at what it is that you think the team is about and ask yourself if you really do want to continue being associated with that group.  Maybe it’s a message to move on.

Read the entire post here