Fog Nozzle or Solid Tip?…That is the Question

The trucks in my department have a fog nozzle on the tip of the aerial. The solid tip that accompanies it is in the compartment. The thinking behind this is having the fog for exposure protection once on scene immediately. I can go with that. If that is the reasoning and the plan is to switch to solid tip if needed…we must follow the plan.

In the video below you will see a snorkel attacking a fully involved house fire. Needless to say that a solid tip would have been much more efficient. Don’t worry guys, everyone does it but nobody should. It only takes an extra minute or two to swap them out once on scene. The time it takes to swap them out will be worth it in putting the fire out quicker. Unknown location.

This bonus video is of a fire in Syracuse, New York. I wonder if they are planning on using a fog or solid tip? You can’t tell from the video.