The Guys who give our Profession a Bad Name

In a world where firefighters are scrutinized more and more each day, some make it easy for reporters to make a story. Gone are the days of firefighters being the “Good” guys just by namesake alone. Sure we can hope that “imposter’s” are given the fullest of penalties for acting like firefighters, but what about those among us who do not deserve to be firefighters let alone ranked officials.

FireGeezer has an ongoing list of those of us who have decided not to play fair and have found themselves on the other side of the law. For years, the fire service has had to deal with theft, fraud, larceny, racism, sexism, and other lewd acts by firefighters on and off the job. One thing can be certain, it will catch up with you and NO it is not worth it.

Follow along with FireGeezer as he uncovers the list of former firefighters, EMT’s, and ranking officials within the fire service who have been given the gift of the mug shot! LINK HERE

The latest in the list offers a remark by FireGeezer that it is the 9th in 8 days. Incredible.

All I can say to all these idiots is “GET OUT, WE DON’T WANT YOU RUINING OUR FIRE SERVICE!”.