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Matt Koval Has Some Funny Video on Youtube!

We have all seen some great video on youtube. There are some hilarious people out there posting original comedy on their own youtube channels. Matt Koval is one of those guys. I actually met him in Baltimore at EMS Today. He was doing some video work for Dave Iannone and Chris Hebert. I have posted links to some of the video from that in the past.

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Blog Tip – Tagging Youtube Videos

Actually, this is about tagging any videos. Having Youtube in the title is more of a SEO bonus! Here is a pet peeve of mine…coming across a video accidentally that is named “video S-84394”. No information, no tags, 14 views ...

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Some House Fire Videos For You

I must admit, I am a youtube groupie. I love checking out youtube daily. My must see searches are for “House Fire” and “Firefighter”. Once I get to the search results all I have to do is select the newest ...

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