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Collapse Danger of Exterior Walls While Operating Exterior…or Interior

I just got finished reading the chapter on Michael Goff in "Last Alarm" by Jerry Laughlin. The book was published in 1986 and features 5 true stories about firefighters who died in the line of duty. Michael Goff, a Petersburg (VA) Sergeant was killed when a wall collapsed on him following an explosion at an apartment complex. The explosion also injured many firefighters, EMT's, and civilians (some who had just been rescued).

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Quick Knockdown in Fort Worth

Check out this video from Fort Worth Texas. The two guys on the line do quick work of knocking the fire down. I would say textbook, but the textbook probably would have said to put the fire out by entering through the back/side door and pushing it out the front. In the video we cannot see all four sides.

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Top Ten Best/Funniest Firefighter Dance Videos

You might remember me posting a video of Firefighters dancing to Poker Face by Lady GaGa back in August of 2009. The video was removed from Youtube, but then I found it again and added it back to the page. I have now taken the time to pick out some of the best firefighter dance videos.

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