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Video: 4 Alarm Row House Fire in Jersey City, NJ. Check out the Trench Cut on this Job. (3 Videos)

Firefighters battle a four-alarm fire in Jersey City, N.J. spreading through a row of homes. Some six of the 14 homes are believed affected by the blaze. (March 27). The fire occurred on Belmont Avenue. 100 Firefighters worked for 3 hours to contain the fire. Take a look at the trench cut the firefighters made across the roof-line. What a job that must have been!

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Roof Ventilation Fail? I don’t think so, just bring a tool next time!

The title of this video is "Roof Ventilation Fail". I think that is kinda harsh. The only issue I see here is that no handtools were brought up on the roof. There are two main reasons why we take tools up on the roof to ventilate: 1. In case the saw stops working. 2. To open up the hole once it has been cut. Another reason might be to make a purchase point for which to place your foot on that isn't on the ladder.

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Video: Building Fire in San Francisco

Here is a clip of a fire in San Francisco. Not sure what is going on here exactly. I am somewhat amazed at how they are able to get 2 aerials set to the roof, supply line laid, and what sounds like ventilation begun, however the fire is not put out yet.

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