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South Fulton Woman Loses Home to Fire Because She Didn’t Pay Fire Tax. Dave Statter Stays Quiet This Time.

A woman's house burned in South Fulton while firefighters watched from a distance. The firefighters did not put out the fire because the woman had not paid the $75 fire tax. South Fulton has a well disciplined and well known rule NOT to suppress fires on non paying residents of Obion County. Last year, when a similar story went viral, Dave Statter said that the firefighters should have put out the fire.

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Firefighter Netcast Live Thursday Night with Chief Kelly Edmison of the Union City Fire Department to Discuss the Newest Developments in the Obion County/South Fulton Dilemma

Chief Kelly Edmison will be joining John Mitchell, Art Goodrich, and myself Thursday night live at 9pm on Firefighter Netcast. Chief Kelly Edmison has been in contact with Dave Statter discussing the latest developments in Obion County that effect all of the Municipal FD's in the County.

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Statter on The Fire Critic “You are Right, You are Wrong”. Make up your mind! Plus Firefighter Netcast and Audio from South Fulton

Dave mentions that I am right about everything...but then says I am wrong. Make up your mind Dave. You know I am right, everyone knows I am right. I am not putting the spin on it that everyone else is. Hell Dave, I keep reading this post of yours (here) and I am beginning to think you might have multiple personalities. You keep saying I am right, then saying I am wrong. You say you agree with me, then saying you disagree with me. Make up your mind Dave. You love pointing I am wrong by saying I am right! It is hard to follow.

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