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Video: Building Fire in San Francisco

Here is a clip of a fire in San Francisco. Not sure what is going on here exactly. I am somewhat amazed at how they are able to get 2 aerials set to the roof, supply line laid, and what sounds like ventilation begun, however the fire is not put out yet.

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Two Big Fires in San Francisco

San Francisco firefighters found themselves battling two mutli-alarm fires today. One involving four apartment buildings in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood and another involving several warehouses in the Bayview District. The Bayview fire went to four alarms while the Haight-Ashbury fire went ...

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Making the most of blogging

How’s about another Shrimp on the Barbie? In a couple of months, two bloggers will be working together at each others jobs. One is a Firefighter and Paramedic on an Engine company  in San Fransisco (The Happy Medic) and the ...

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