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Top Ten Firefighter Loose Hose Line Accident and Training Videos

For some firefighters, the loose fire hose drill is a right of passage. I must admit that it was not part of my curriculum as a vollie or career guy....luckily. I know what to do...shut down the supply! If need be, I will get all wet but I am not planning on training on this any time soon. Tell you what, we will make the next rookie we get at the station do it! Here is the Top Ten Youtube Videos of Loose Hose Lines!

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Is This Really Valid Training? The Runaway Hoseline

I don't remember this being part of my firefighter training. Maybe a cruel joke. I know that if someone asked me what I would do in this situation I would go to the pump panel instead of going to the end of this hoseline. Maybe there is a need for training like this...maybe not. You be the judge.

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