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It Happened Again…Brownouts Blamed in Delayed Response during Medical Emergency

It took around 2 years for the Cape Coral Fire Department (Florida) to learn a very costly lesson about brownouts. Firefighters don't need to look any further for proof that brownouts don't make sense and are unfair and unsafe for citizens. As a firefighter, I really want to say "We told you so", but that isn't professional. Indeed, firefighters have been pointing to brownouts being unfair and unsafe for citizens, but in this case it might have cost someone their life.

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3 Banger in VA, Pension Attacks, Albuquerque Helmet Stickers, Austin Applicant Issues, and More

3 banger in Alexandria, helmet sticker controversy in Albuquerque, application woes in Austin, fire service product reviews, the Firemom weighs in on Ohio Senate Bill 5, Hosed humor on volunteer firefighters, bonus fire footage from Westerly, Rhode Island,firefighter fired after stealing, and Ed Schultz and Harold Schaitberger weigh in on firefighter pension attacks....check it out!

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The IAFF and MSNBC’s ED Schultz Take a Stand Against Attacks on Firefighters Pensions.

Unless you live under a rock, you should know by now that firefighters pensions are under attack. This is just the newest attack on firefighters. Not that all the others have gone away...that is far from the truth. Firefighters are still battling staffing cuts, pay cuts, rolling brownouts, increased employee contributions to pensions, decreased funding, increased insurance costs, station closures, and much more...yet our phone number (911) is still the number that anyone and everyone calls when they need help.

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