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Firefighter Thriller Video – The Longer Version

I posted a video the other day of the Chattanooga Fire Recruits doing Thriller. You can see that video here. Now, they have uploaded a longer version...which includes the white shirts getting in on the fun! The video also shows the hard work and dedication of this group of fire recruits and their instructors. Great job!

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Video: Chattanooga Firefighter Recruits Doing Thriller

Check out this video of the recruits at the Chattanooga Fire Academy doing Thriller by Michael Jackson. I have to admit, they do a pretty decent job. Some of you might think "What in the Hell are they doing that for". I think that is an acceptable thought. However, I don't really see any harm in it. In all actuallity, if you can get them to do this you should have any problem with them following directions in the future.

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