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FRI Wrapup – A Great Time in Atlanta

By now you should have figured out that I had a blast at Fire Rescue International 2011. Willie Wines Jr. and Jeff Harkey enjoyed the trip with me this year and we accomplished a lot. We got to hang out with a ton of people, some new friends, and some we have known for a while. We had a lot of laughs, had some time to reflect, and were able to continue telling people about Daily911Deals.com.

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Fire Rescue International Update

Once again, the busiest booth at the show is the MN8 Products Foxfire Illuminating technology booth 2853. Zach Green has employed Willie Wines Jr. and several others. The traffic is steady. Apparently, Zach and his company/booth are up for an award today for "best in show" or something like that. We will find out if he won around 1pm.

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Fire Rescue TV

Fire Rescue TV (FireRescueTV.com) is online and their community is growing. Check them out and watch their latest news. The website is the brainchild of Martin Grube who recently retired from the Virginia Beach Fire Department. The site offers video, ...

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