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AFG Grants Writing 101 – Don’t Let This Free Money Disappear

As a fire service, we have a duty to make sure every attempt is made to utilize these grants. If we do not, the funding might not be there next year. Plus, free money? Who doesn't want that. Maybe you don't even know where to begin when writing a grant. There are several grant writing firms out there. Some offer customized grant writing, others offer samples of successful grants. What is $50 - $2000 (the higher for custom grant writing) when you could recieve thousands and maybe tens of thousands of dollars in grant money?

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110 For 343… Finishing the Climb

The second set of steps that we climbed to the 45th floor it was me and Willie. The others went on without us. They wanted to move quicker than we could move in our turnout gear. We accepted it. It gave Willie and I time to reflect without anyone within floors of us. Just us...climbing...for the 343. The quiet was only broke by the sound of Willie offering support in keeping me going. His encouragement which I desperately needed. It was tough. Willie wanted to make sure I was alright. Like any great Company Officer he was looking out for me. It was just us climbing, and we were able to pay our respects in our way without any distractions.

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Video Review: Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer with Host Randolph Mantooth

What if there was something on the fireground killing firefighters that you cannot see, you cannot feel, you cannot smell, and you cannot hear. What if I told that that it could increase your chances of a heart attack and/or stroke even up to 72 hours AFTER you leave the fireground AND your exposure to it happens after MOST of the danger on the fireground is over. What if I told you that it can kill you immediately.

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