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Helmet Cam: PA Firefighters Battle Freezing Temperatures at House Fire

Short clip from my helmet cam this morning (3rd working fire in 7 days). We arrived on scene with 5 on the Tower. First of all the weather outside was 5 degrees at the time of dispatch with a windchill of negative 10 degrees. This is a mutual aid area for us outside of the city, with this exact location being down a one lane road (no hydrants). Because of this tanker operations were set up to begin a water supply. Well for those of you who know how the weather works, freezing temperatures usually lead to freezing water.

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Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters (2014 edition)

This years Christmas gifts list is coming out just in time. This year, I tried to focus on more affordable gift ideas than helmets and boots I have always had on the list in the past. There are still some higher dollar gifts, but most are within reason I think. . Take your time and look through them. If you are a firefighter, share this with your friends, family, and significant other!

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