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Green Maltese – Monday Morning Shoutout

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to the Green Maltese blog. The blog is run by John Shafer and he states "My goal is that Green Maltese becomes the place where fire service leaders can gain and share knowledge about the Green Movement and anything about Green (Sustainable) Building Construction."

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Turning a Fire Station into a Firehouse

This day in age, new fire stations seem more like the inside of a school or jail than a firehouse from back in the day...Wood trim, wood floors, two-story, cozy and warm firehouses have been replaced with concrete or tile floors, cinder-block walls, single story, institutionalized fire stations. My crew has found a way to make our fire station more like a firehouse...through our own hard work and dedication.

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Firefighters Build Custom Kitchen Table for Cimmaron Hills FD

Driver/Engineer Karl Larsen sent in these pictures of the table that they built for the station. Some of the specifications are: 5' x10' built on 1.5"x1.5" steel frame. The top is 3x4" solid oak hard wood with 1/2" mdf underlayment. The legs are 5" LDH. The center of the table has 12 outlets, the CHFD lights up red with L.E.D's when we recieve a call.

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