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I cannot wait for this years Flame Fest. My wife and I are looking forward to another getaway! We get to get away from all the hustle and bustle, the kids enjoy time with grandparents (hopefully), and we get to enjoy quality time alone as well as time with great firefighters and their wives/girlfriends from all over. Come join us at Flame Fest 2015 in June!

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Don’t Read This…Share it with your Firefighter Wife or Girlfriend

We got to meet dozens of great couples. Firefighters and their exceptional wives from across the Country (although I don't think there are any boundries for joining the community)...from Florida to California, New Mexico to Minnesota. We got to hang out with great people and learn about them, get to know them, and get lost in Chicago with them. I met great firefighters and got to learn about their departments. There might have even been a few bromances created.

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