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Channellock Model 86 Rescue Tool: Product Review

For me, the reason for carrying a set of Channellock rescue tools is two-fold. I always have some cutters on me in a time of need (whatever that might be (including a spanner wrench). The other main reason is we run a lot of car wrecks. One of my roles at wrecks is to assess the vehicles involved and disconnect the battery if need be. My cutters come in handy if I cannot reach the terminals to loosen them, I simply cut the wire to get the job done quickly.

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Firefighting Product Reviews in a League of Their Own

This process of creating the new site has been long and worthwhile. I first thought of wanting to do reviews back in 2006, I began them 5 years later...and now the stand alone web site. The main reason why I moved the reviews to a separate site was because of feedback wanting more information and more reviews.

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