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Turning a Fire Station into a Firehouse

This day in age, new fire stations seem more like the inside of a school or jail than a firehouse from back in the day...Wood trim, wood floors, two-story, cozy and warm firehouses have been replaced with concrete or tile floors, cinder-block walls, single story, institutionalized fire stations. My crew has found a way to make our fire station more like a firehouse...through our own hard work and dedication.

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A Squirrel in the Fire Station?

The funny thing is that my guys had a little fun with my Captain the other day when I was off. Apparently my Captain freaked out while on an EMS call when one of the firefighters merely pointed out a plastic snake on the couch behind our Captain. After a few girlish squeals and some dancing around he calmed down.

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Firefighters Build Custom Kitchen Table for Cimmaron Hills FD

Driver/Engineer Karl Larsen sent in these pictures of the table that they built for the station. Some of the specifications are: 5' x10' built on 1.5"x1.5" steel frame. The top is 3x4" solid oak hard wood with 1/2" mdf underlayment. The legs are 5" LDH. The center of the table has 12 outlets, the CHFD lights up red with L.E.D's when we recieve a call.

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