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UK Rap Fire Prevention Song: Good or Bad Investment

I think that $8000 is a drop in the bucket. If any fire department wants to get down to spending there are so many other things to point fingers at. The song may not be extremely appealing to me, but it does have a good message and I think it should be used as much as possible. The song already has over 7000 views on youtube. Let's just hope they do some ideal marketing on this one to get their moneys worth!

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Life at #3 Fire Prevention, Our Custom Kitchen Table, Working on Thanksgiving, Getting Ready for Christmas, and Life Around the Station

I will be working tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day). We will hopefully watch the parades and enjoy kicking back a little bit. We get to take it easy on Holidays. I will again be riding the seat as my Captain will have the day off on vacation. If everything goes well, we will be getting a Thanksgiving meal dropped off. If everything goes bad, we will have a contingency plan. I will let you know what plan B is when I figure it out!

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