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Voting Continues and heats up for the Blog of the Year!

What has been interesting is how on Sunday, Rescuing Providence has narrowed the almost 150 vote lead by A Day in the Life of An Ambulance Driver to less than 100 votes. Last year, we saw the majority of the votes in the last two days. Anything can happen. It all depends on who is pulling for who and how many votes you can get (obviously).

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Voting Continues and Listen to the Finalists Tonight on Firefighter Netcast LIVE!

The Voting Continues for the Black Diamond Boots Fire & EMS Blog of the Year Contest. Don't let any early leads make you complacent. Last year we saw some early leads and strong comebacks. Just today we have seen several blogs getting a lot of votes! Tonight (Wed. Jan. 26th), the finalists have been invited to be on Firefighter Netcast. The direct show link is here and it starts at 9pm EST!

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A Blogger Needs Your Help!

There is a blogger who needs your help. Matt McDowell (S.A.F.E. Firefighter Blog) and his wife are expecting a baby girl. She will require surgery after being born. The Bluffton Township Fire District Firefighters have set up a raffle to help raise money to offset the costs of the expected health care bills. Read more on EMS12lead.com.

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