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Raw Video: FDNY Rescue 2 Firefighter Rescued from Brownstone in Crown Heights on Fire. 4 Others Injured

Below is the amazing video of an FDNY Firefighter from Rescue 2 bailing out of a window onto an aerial ladder. The firefighter is in flames as he gets out of the building and another firefighter helps put out the flames. Check out STATter911.com for more details on this fire. In total, 5 firefighters were injured in this fire with some experiencing severe burns.

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Fire Engine Flips after Accident with Police Car and Sheriff’s Deputy

Today around 6pm, a Clay Fire Territory fire engine, a Roseland Police car, a St. Joseph County Sheriff's car, and one other car were involved in a wreck that ended with the fire engine on its side. In the end, three people were injured and transported to hospitals: the Roseland Police Officer, the Firefighter driving the fire engine, and the driver of the car. None of the injuries were life threatening.

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Helmet Cam: Firefighter Close Call with Acetylene tank at Building Fire

Several things caught my eye in this video. Early on in the video, an acetylene tank off gases due to the fire just as firefighters open the door to the building. The firefighters quickly back up and regroup. This acetylene tank raises the biggest question though. If indeed it only off gased due to the heat and did not rupture, shouldn't they have trained a hoseline on it to keep it cool. It is obvious that they don't have enough water for the fire, they could at least keep the tank from rupturing if it hadn't already.

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