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Station Closures, Budget Cuts, Staffing Cuts…and the Race Card

Silberberg's article is a well written piece meant to get people to their feet. To educate them that cuts to public safety can effect anyone and everyone. That public safety cuts are not the answer and that cuts MUST be made elsewhere! Mahnoney's article is meant to get firefighters to stand up. To educate the poorer communities that public safety cuts show that their governement does not care about them if they are willing to cut their services.

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It Happened Again…Brownouts Blamed in Delayed Response during Medical Emergency

It took around 2 years for the Cape Coral Fire Department (Florida) to learn a very costly lesson about brownouts. Firefighters don't need to look any further for proof that brownouts don't make sense and are unfair and unsafe for citizens. As a firefighter, I really want to say "We told you so", but that isn't professional. Indeed, firefighters have been pointing to brownouts being unfair and unsafe for citizens, but in this case it might have cost someone their life.

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Fire Service Limbo

As the “economy” continues to wane, the fire service continues to be bashed by poor leadership and one sided statistics which show room for more cuts. Some say the economy is on an upturn. I am not an economist. Fire ...

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