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3 Alarm Triple Decker Fire in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Today, Woonsocket Firefighters battled a 3 alarm fire through the roof in a triple decker with extension into one of the exposures. Newsblog.projo.com: WOONSOCKET, R.I. -- Firefighters are tackling a three-alarm blaze in a triple-decker house at 97 Rebekah St. Flames still engulfed the structure at 12:45 p.m. The alarm was turned in around 12:15 p.m.

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FDNY: Putting it into Perspective with Exposures

I just watched a video and I will share it below. The house is small, yet the amount of firefighters on scene is a lot. It is in New York. In order to get that many firefighters on scene, MY city would be looking at close to 3/4 of our resources. Plus there is a platform AND a stick in the air. That takes some keen apparatus placement. The description states that it went to a 2nd alarm and quickly to a 3rd alarm. Again, as I look at the house I think that it just so small...sure there is an exposure about a foot away, but it is brick.

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Two Big Fires in San Francisco

San Francisco firefighters found themselves battling two mutli-alarm fires today. One involving four apartment buildings in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood and another involving several warehouses in the Bayview District. The Bayview fire went to four alarms while the Haight-Ashbury fire went ...

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