Video: Transitional Attack in Stockton, CA

Firefighters in Stockton, CA reset the fire with a “transitional attack” due to delayed entry.

Video by: StocktonFireHistory. Video info: On March 4th, 2017, Stockton Firefighters responded to a 2nd Alarm Structure Fire in the 0 block of West Acacia. Fire Crews arrived on scene to heavy smoke from the second story of a two story, multi-family home. Firefighters encountered reinforced doors, slowing forcible entry and delaying fire attack.

Like many abandoned or foreclosed structures in the City, all windows and doors are boarded up. These structures are boarded up in an attempt to keep vagrants and squatters from trespassing and staying in the house. Though the doors (like in this video) are heavily reinforced, squatters can still gain access through windows or the basement… Firefighters however must still enter through these doorways to ensure best egress if they need to get out. Delayed entry requires firefighters to knockdown part of the second story before committing to an interior attack.

Due to requests for a third hoseline in the structure and holes in the floor of the second story, a 2nd Alarm is requested during the firefighter. Firefighters are otherwise able to extinguish the fire within minutes of gaining access to the building.

Every time Stockton Firefighter entry a burning structure, we risk our personal safety in order to possibly save life inside. We are proud to serve and protect the citizens and City of Stockton, California.