Surviving a Fire Service Career Emotionally

It is refreshing to see more and more firefighters talking about this topic.

BC Scott Steiner asks us all to be an advocate for mental health in your department.

Captain Willie Wines Jr. and I speak on the topic occasionally, using Willie’s experience with depression and PTSD as an example of how one firefighter has dealt with mental health. Over the course of the past several years, I have had the opportunity (most recently last weekend) to learn more about this topic from clinicians who know much more about it than we ever will. Watch the video and share it with others.

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About Scott:

Scott Steiner is a Battalion Chief at TVF&R with 5 years in this position and 21 years’ experience on the job. I currently work A Shift in our North Battalion which encompasses Beaverton, our Northern Washington County area and some parts of Multnomah County. I passionately believe that to truly be a Craftsman in this profession we never stop training and developing and my growing pursuit in the arena of Mental and Emotional Health is no different. I am also engaged as one of our departments Peer Support Counselors for the past year and a half.

Two years ago I attended the north West Leadership Symposium and was rocked by one of the presenters named Kevin Gilmartin who delivered a lecture on Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement. While Kevin’s background is in Law Enforcement his information translated very fluidly to our craft and I have spent the past two years immersed in these important and lifesaving concepts.

About FirexTalk:

The FirexTalk one-day firefighter conference is designed to help fire service communities, organizations and individuals spark conversation and connection through a local TEDx-like experience.

At a FIRExTalk event, twenty 20 minute “talks on fire” are given by local presenters. Each presentation is professionally video recorded and placed on the FIRExTalk YouTube channel and website. This sparks conversation and connection at the local and national level. FIRExTalk events are planned and coordinated by FIRExTalk llc.